Hello world!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011.

For NFL fans, the regular season ended on Sunday night, which meant that last night had no Monday Night Football. I don’t think I’ve seen all 4 quarters of an MNF game in many years (am asleep by halftime for most of them), but I do enjoy the ritual of watching the review of weekend action and the first quarter of another game. We missed that last night, so Tuesday will seem a little unsettled.

Morning News from CNN:

  • IG inspector chides FEMA for failure to collect $634M in improper Katrina/Rita payments: As a taxpayer, I hate to see the govt waste my money. But this FEMA money was at least wasted on (mostly) American citizens. In contrast, consider our Iraq Expedition, whose Lost & Unaccounted File includes $9B (that’s billion-with-a-B) in taxpayer money, $1B in equipment to Iraqi security, $3.2B paid to KBR that is questionable or unsupportable, etc.  Multiple billions tossed around to some of the nastiest people in the Middle East (in the world, for that matter), and we’ve got someone wringing their hands over $634M that got distributed in some of the poorest zip codes in the USA. Personally, I don’t care if all that $634M really was spent in Houston strip clubs, it was still a better value for the American people than the billions vaporized in the Middle East.
  • Body of Kristi Cornwell found: I remember reading about her on CharleyProject. Unusually dramatic missing-persons report (CP doesn’t archive old reports, but you can usually find them in Google’s cache), like something straight out of a slasher movie. Turns out, it was probably every bit as horrifying as it appeared. The principal suspect, James Scott Carringer, shot himself to avoid arrest, and was suspected in another attempted abduction and another rape. RIP Kristi. I believe if society did a better job of identifying and treating mental illness instead of ignoring it, people like both James and Kristi would still be alive. James was probably not born bad, but got sick at some point (adolescence?), and then kept getting sicker and sicker and sicker until he was raping and killing women and finally killing himself. He didn’t “just snap”, wasn’t possessed by demons, or any other nonsense. I believe that sometime between birth and the time he became a homicidal rapist, there were many many many missed opportunities for intervention and treatment. He didn’t have to become a homicidal rapist, and Kristi didn’t have to become a victim. But instead, Kristi is dead, James is dead, and two other poor women have PTSD from their rapes/attacks. We need to do better than that.
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